Compliance: DEKRA's Promise

All employees of DEKRA Certification, which includes management, executives and employees, follow the principles of impartiality, objectivity and integrity in their daily actions. Each individual´s conduct significantly influences DEKRA´s market reputation and our independence in performing our services and duties. Our clients, customers and business partners can expect that all DEKRA professionals - employees, associates, executives, managing directors and board members - possess high ethical standards, reliably fulfil their obligations and act as a fair business partner.

DEKRA Compliance Guidelines are mandatory minimum standards and at the same time an orientation for all of us to comply with laws, legal standards and ethical principles on all continents.

These values, principles and guidelines equally apply to our external auditors and also form an integral part of the cooperation agreement to be concluded with external partners.

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About Us

DEKRA Certification South Africa is an Accredited Certification Body under the German accreditation body DAkkS. As a third party accredited certification body (CB), our knowledgeable, independent and experienced ISO management system auditors verify whether the client complies with the requirements of the various ISO standards.

We focus on certifying companies to:

Our Accreditation Body (DAkkS) is a signatory to the Multilateral Agreement (MLA), by which all accredited CB’s recognise one another’s’ certificates. To verify our accreditation, please visit

Why it is important to choose an Accredited CB:

Choosing a certification body that has been accredited by an accreditation body that is a signatory to the IAF Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA) has proved that it complies with best practice, and that it is competent to deliver a consistently reliable and impartial service which meets the appropriate, internationally-recognized standard. All accredited CB’s recognize one another’s certificates.

Benefits of client certification to ISO Standards: (ISO 9001; ISO 14001; ISO 45001)


  • Helps address existing risks or hazards and recognize opportunities in the business
  • Increases staff motivation
  • Eliminates tunnel vision by inputs from independent external experts
  • Serves as basis for continual improvement
  • Ensures sustainability through regular surveillance and repeat audits
  • Leads to awareness of safety and safe working practices
  • Enhances regulatory awareness and compliance


  • Serves as a confidence mechanism in products and services for customers and interested parties
  • Ensures that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality
  • Can reduce costs, minimise waste and error through improved systems and processes
  • Increased customer satisfaction, through improved safety, quality and processes
  • Reduces impact on the environment
  • Helps companies to access new markets, level the playing field for developing countries and facilitate free and fair global trade

What our clients think:

“We couldn’t be more happy with the services provided by Dekra. Admin people – incredible people skills and lovely people to work with- always prepared to help , Dianne always goes the extra mile to assist me. Auditor - Excellent Auditor – who is always bringing in new suggestions – What we love about Alan Rankin is he listens to us when we explain why we do something a certain way – Very Pleasant , Great Auditor.”

“I have worked for this company for the past 2 years and I am very happy with the DEKRA audits as well as the DEKRA auditors. This is the kind of company we want to be associated with.” - Animal Feed Company

“The auditor was very detail orientated and the audit was excellent!” - Magnetite Sales

“We have been associated with DEKRA for the last 6 years and have only had great service. Our audits are accommodated as requested. The auditors appointed by DEKRA have outstanding qualities and add great value to our business. Overall our experiences with DEKRA have been very good.” - Construction Company

“Please allow me to send this email of recommendation and thanks to you regarding one of your employees who just spent the last 2.5 days with us in Cape Town. We spend too much time complaining and not enough time giving credit when it’s due. We felt quite apprehensive prior to the auditor arriving here but from the 1st minute of his introduction to us, we felt at ease. This pleasantness and professionalism were echoed throughout the process which gave the entire process a great sense of “teamwork” between your company and our company. We felt he was here to help us improve our current systems, applaud us for what is been done correctly and give us a sense of calmness in that we are on the right road and with a bit of tweaking we will be a great deal better.” - Machinery & Support Services

“Thank you ever so much for the ISO 9001:2015 certification letter, certificate and reports received – much appreciated. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank and commend “DEKRA” and all the personnel which we have dealt with on the most professional services offered and provided to us with regards to this ISO 9001:2015 auditing and certification process which we have just undergone. The experience was one of proficiency and expedience which was greatly appreciated, with the outcome promising to be most beneficial to us in all our future business endeavours.” - Repair Services

“Thank you for all the assistance and the good explanation of questions answered when auditing our company. The standard is new to us but the auditor audited the company and explained as he/she went along. I really enjoy working with the DEKRA team – Thank you for all your assistance throughout the years.” - Transportation and Construction

“DEKRA annually makes our audit experience valuable. The auditors are friendly and helpful!” - Energy Solutions

“We are happy with the services received from DEKRA. The auditor was insightful and professional!” - Metal manufacturers

DEKRA Vision 2025

We will be the global partner for a safe world

DEKRA has been ensuring safety since it was founded in 1925. This basic need of people is met by our workforce of more than 39,000 people in over 50 countries on all continents with extensive expertise, wide-ranging services and passionate commitment.

In 2015 – the year of our 90th birthday – we stood at the dawn of a new era in our company’s history. We have oriented the statutory mission of our founding fathers for the next ten years in the context of strategic courses. On the road, at work and at home – DEKRA’s skilled experts create increased safety across all the key areas of life. By our 100th birthday, our vision of being “a global partner for a safe world” should become reality.

Contents of the Vision

Our Vision 2025 describes our model and contains five elements:

The Business Areas

Safety is a core need for everyone. We know that accidents can be avoided. Therefore, we concentrate on the three key areas of life: on the road, at work and at home.

Our Mission
Our mission is clearly defined: We ensure safety by the interplay of:
  • Technology and equipment
  • Standards and practices
  • Mindset and behavior

  • Our Corporate Principles
    The seven corporate principles help us to implement our vision. They are:
  • Economic success
  • Growth
  • Customer focus
  • Globalization
  • Innovation
  • Integration
  • People focus

  • Employee Values
    Our people values serve as guidelines for the day-to-day behavior of all DEKRA employees. These include:
  • Responsibility for safety
  • Customer focus
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Team spirit
  • Integrity

  • Further information is available in our Vision brochure available HERE



    Meet the team

    A message from our General Manager:

    DEKRA – Certifying for SUCCESS

    Certification to an accredited international management system proves to all your stakeholders that your products and services, business processes and practices adhere to the highest internationally recognised standards. It also provides the assurance that your inward and outward views are focussed on issues relevant to the sustainability of your business as well as the broader environment in which you operate. Having an ISO certificate on your wall takes enormous dedication, integrity and effort. Let us assist you with our value adding team of staff and auditors.

    NO DOUBT – Let’s create a level playing field.

    EMERGENCY CONTACT: If you cannot reach us on the office number, please dial (+27) 083 564 6871

    Withdrawn and Expired Certificates

    Please note that we will not be held be responsible for the misleading, unauthorised or fraudulent use of the DEKRA Certificate or Seal

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    Complaints / Incident Notifications

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    We want to constantly improve our services and solve problems together with our clients. We will aim to investigate your request objectively, process it and provide you with written feedback

    In the case of a complaint against one of our certified companies – we will review our files and direct your complaint to the company. Your identity will remain anonymous. Following feedback from the company, we will inform you in writing of the status and outcome of the complaint.

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